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Jun 08, 2014 (07:59 PM): Koel’s Song


Summers in Karachi are synonymous with Koel‘s sweet songs and cool evening breeze. I LOVE koel’s coo-coo. While I was coloring this mandala, a koel was perched on a tree near our apartment house, going coo coo. When I finished coloring this mandala, I decided to name it ‘Koel’s Song’ as that was the background music to this mandala. I call this koel ‘our resident koel‘ 🙂

Some additional comments about Koel: This bird has been commonly used as a metaphor in Urdu poetry. So is its lovely voice or coo-coo. There is a famous Hindi movie song (Nindiya se jagi bahar) from the equally famous movie, Hero. This song is about the awakening of spring accompanied by koel’s singing.

Jun 08, 2014 (07:59PM): Koel's Song

Jun 08, 2014 (07:59 PM): Koel’s Song