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Jun 19, 2014 (06:32PM): Mirror Image


Mirror, mirror on the wall..

Through the looking-glass..

Through a glass, darkly

To me, this mandala looks like a circular mirror that mirrors the image of another circular mirror, which reflects a light blue rectangular mirror, which reflects the image of a dark blue rectangular mirror, which itself reflects a red rectangular mirror. Mirror image, indeed.

In hindsight, it also takes me to Jorge Luis Borges‘ short story The Library of Babel..and Lewis Carroll‘s Through a Looking-Glass.. and, last but not least, Jostein Gaarder‘s Through a Glass, Darkly.

Crazy stories. Just like this seemingly simple image.

Sometimes, I look at my reflection in the mirror and wonder if I am the real person or the reflection. Or maybe both? Depends on which side of the mirror you are at.

Jun 19, 2014 (06:32PM): Mirror Image

Jun 19, 2014 (06:32PM): Mirror Image