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Update: The Healing Mandalas Project


It was around 3 weeks ago that I thought about starting this project. So far, I have delivered 3 colored mandalas and the fourth one is ready to be hand-delivered! It brings me so much joy to help the donors select a mandala for the recipient, get the framing done, gift wrap the framed mandala, make the note card, add a personalized message from the donor, and finally dispatch the finished package. This whole process itself has become therapeutic for me, especially as I wait for my doctor’s response on a medical issue. This project has given me a positive outlet and instead of wasting my time & energy on thinking about everything that can go wrong, I am focusing myself on something good. I can’t thank my friends enough for believing in my vision and donating toward this cause. Here are some pics of the donated mandalas:


Titled: Purple Hills
Colored On: 25-Jul-2018 (12:23 PM)
At: Budget Backpackers, Edinburgh
Gift-wrapped & ready to be shipped


Titled: Mornie Utulie. Mornie Alamtie.
Colored On: 23-Sep-2018 (11:36 PM)
Gift-wrapped & ready to be shipped


Titled: F*** doing what you’re told
Colored On: 25-Jul-2018 (04:43 PM)
At: En-route from Edinburgh to London
Gift-wrapped & ready to be shipped


Titled: Pink & Purple
Colored On: Jul 01, 2017
Gift-wrapped & ready to be hand-delivered