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A sip of coffeeness.. and the 52-week photography challenge


I would like to highlight a blog that I like a lot. It’s a photoblog titled A sip of coffeeness, by one of my students. This photoblog reflects his personality – thoughtful and reflective 🙂

This year he is participating in a 52-week photography challenge. Each Wednesday, he posts one image depicting the concept/word for the week on his blog page. Each week, if you feel like visiting his blog, let him know if you would like a free photo print. He will choose one of his captures, do a draw (if required), and post a 5×7 postcard print of the capture to you. It will be accompanied by a 52 words or less short story which will only be shared exclusively with you. If you would like to take a snap of it and share with others, that’s a different story. However, you cannot win more than three times.

I’ve already won my print so decided to share the perks by promoting the blog to other people in my network. Feel free to contact Raheel through his photoblog. Wish you all the best! Next week’s theme: Mirrored Image.