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May 31, 2015: Gün Gibi


One of my favorite Tarkan songs is Gün Gibi (Like a day). I love this song. When I was coloring this mandala, I was reminded of that song. Sometimes, some people come to your life like a bright and sunny day.

I was a miserable vagrant
Loneliness of my nights was as cold as ice
My beloved has appeared like a day in pitch black darkness

Again, the song is available on YouTube. I like the live, acoustic version even more. It’s part of a medley of 3 songs, and is available at 🙂

Apr 14, 2015: Verme (Don’t give me)


So, sometime ago I found Zentangles. Loved them and decided to download some and color them (even though they’re supposed to be in black & white). This is one of those zentangles. I named it Verme coz I was listening to Tarkan‘s song Verme while coloring this zentangle. The song is available at youtube.