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Mandala Gift Update: Sparks


Gifted the Sparks mandala to my friend Shobhna ❤ I remember our very first meeting in Mar 2010. From then to now, she has become a friend, a mentor, and my sister from another mother. I look forward to many more great experiences and conversations with her in the years to come.

Jan 29, 2015: Shubhaarambh


Another mandala that is dear to me for more than one reason.

Firstly, because I started coloring it on my flight to USA. I completed it on Jan 29th after returning from USA.

Secondly, because I decided to use the browns and grays once again, to end with an unexpected mandala that I like a lot.

Thirdly, because when I thought about naming it, the word shubhaarambh came to my mind. It is one of my favorite words – full of meaning! My first encounter with this word was in the Cadbury’s ad campaign titled ShubhAarambh. The font and the ad campaign was perfect, with their tag line: Cadbury ShubhAarambh. Kuch meetha ho jai. One of those tag lines that become part of everyday vocabulary. Shubhaarambh is a Sanskrit word, with its root words Shubh and Aarambh. Shubh in Hindi/Sanskrit is holy, or good, as per the customs, rituals; aarambh means a beginning. So shubharambh would mean a good or auspicious beginning. Come to think of it, our annual volunteer planning meeting (my first ever) proved to be an auspicious beginning to, hopefully, an exciting journey of learning and volunteering. Talking of Shubhaarambh, another good memory associated with this word is the song titled Shubhaarambh from the Bollywood movie Kai Po Che. I love this song (note: haven’t watched the movie or the song video).

Jan 20, 2015: 2000 Watts


This mandala is quite special to me. I had started it before leaving for USA. This time around, I kept my pencil color set and coloring book with me during the long journey to USA. While everybody on the plane was sleeping, I turned on my iPod, put on Michael Jackson‘s song 2000 Watts, and started coloring the remaining parts of this mandala. As the cabin lights were switched off, and because I didn’t want to bug anyone with the overhead seat light, I used my iPod’s background light to see as I colored. Finished it thousands of feet up in the air! 🙂