Oct 3, 2015: Potential


As I was coloring this mandala, I thought of two situations. There are times when people with great potential are restricted by their environment that constricts further development of their potential. I remember a girl from my class. We were in grade 10 and our teacher was discussing various career options with us. This girl wanted to become a nurse. She was all excited when the teacher said she’ll help get admission info for her. However, the next day we found her excitement gone. The reason? Her family, a conservative one, did not want her to become a nurse as they did not find this profession appropriate for her. It was sad to see her potential and aspiration snubbed like this.

But there is still hope. Why? Because there are examples of people who, despite being in a challenging environment, are able to realize their full potential. The sharp, pointed borders can no longer limit them as they blossom! These people grow despite the limitations imposed on them and, in doing so, also become role models for others.


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